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August 02, 2018

LÈVON B has Launched Online!

Welcome to the first blog post of many at LÈVON B. This week's blog post centres around the theme of fashion forward headwear. Guest blogger, @diamondlev and the designer behind the masterful brand that is LÈVON B shares his helpful tips and insights into the way that accessories and specifically headwear can take an outfit from yawn to wow in seconds. 

@diamondlev says "after over fifteen years of experience in the world of diamonds and gemstones, I set out to infuse the sophistication I have seen over decades, into fashion and accessories." 

When setting out to design this range of headwear I had one clear focus in mind...that was accessibility. I want to ensure that people of all genders, all styles and all personalities can equally enjoy my headgear and wear it with the most important accessory of all...their confidence. 

I truly believe that when people are confident they live their best life. Strong, empowered humans are what makes the world a better place, and I believe that dressing to express yourself is one of the most important ways of taking ownership of your personality and identity. 

LÈVON B is more than a fashion, accessories and fine jewellery brand. It represents an important stance and statement in the fashion world - it says "I'm here. I'm confident and, I'm me."

You are forced to take notice of a wearer of LÈVON B's headwear. The materials alone are unique and stand apart from the crowd. Deciding to select suede came after many months of deliberation and ultimately the decision was made based on comfort and sophistication. Essentially, faux suede, not only being animal-friendly, is tailored more to sweat resistance and will not fade in the sun or under any other weather conditions. The aesthetic appeal of the suede choice ensures that the wearer is noticed in the crowd.

Next, the shape of the cap was taken into consideration. An important feature for @diamondlev was "so many of my clients have complained to me about headwear not fitting right or feeling uncomfortable on the skin. So I wanted to ensure that my measurements accounted for a "fuller" fit where the wearer did not feel that their cap sat awkwardly throughout the day or night."

LB introduces the Ultimate-Fit!

LÈVON B is proud to provide you with this behind-the-scenes insight into our headwear collection! Stay tuned and watch this space for an insider look on the Laced by LÈVON B Luxury Leather Laces.


@diamondlev X