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The Tree of Life Collection
Presented in this collection, is Levon B's charming homage to the classic Tree of Life symbol. The Tree of Life is renowned for its representation of many life-giving virtues including, love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, redemption, friendship, bounty and encouragement. The Tree of Life is associated with the Creator, providing protection, and promoting fruitfulness and regeneration. The Tree of Life is emblematic of a long life and the notion that all living beings are born from the earth. It represents the flower of life itself, with its branches reaches to the heavens and its roots linking firmly to Mother Earth. 
As human beings we all develop roots within which we hold our beliefs, and in turn, we branch out by way of our acquired wisdom and knowledge, and our body and mind, our trunk, keeps us connected with our various passions and ambitions.
The Tree of Life is universally revered across many faiths and belief-systems, originating back to Celtic culture and tradition. It evokes feelings of shared emotion and belief with the simple but clear message of unity. 
With its Tree of Life Collection, Levon B presents the perfect and unifying symbol of life for its wearer.