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The Story

LÈVON B was borne out of founder, Lèvon Bakalian's love of the fine detail.  

Lèvon Bakalian has spent over 15 years immersed in the delicate craft of diamond and gemstone setting. It is through his passionate dedication to presenting pieces bearing his signature, the height of refinement and style to his clientele, that LÈVON B was borne. 

LÈVON B is a luxury fashion, fine jewellery and accessories brand. With its roots firmly grounded in its founder’s acclaimed career in bespoke jewellery design and diamond and gemstone setting since 2003, LÈVON B builds upon this reputation and presents a fresh, unique and unparalleled approach to unisex fashion, fine jewellery and accessories.

LÈVON B is the first Australian brand to present genuine sheepskin Italian leather shoelaces and premium suede hats of premium quality direct to the consumer.

LÈVON B believes in the fusion where fashion meets purpose and through this VISION, LÈVON B will soon launch its FINE JEWELLERY COLLECTION. Sourcing a range of rare and exquisite gemstones nationally and internationally, and working closely with feng shui masters, LÈVON B’S Fine Jewellery Collection will showcase an artisan gemstone range designed personally, and with each gemtone set by hand, by founder, Lèvon Bakalian.

The LB Jewellery Collection will marry the unique qualities and properties imbued within each rare and exquisite gemstone to appeal to the various needs and desires of the wearer.

From offering health enhancing qualities, to spiritual balance and enlightenment, to protection and promotion of success and prosperity, each bespoke fine jewellery piece allows the wearer to personalise their experience by selecting the gemstone that resonates more closely with them. A feature never before seen at such an intimate level in fine jewellery and fashion.

Designer Lèvon Bakalian has been setting the standard and benchmark quality of diamond and gemstone setting since 2003. Fifteen years on, Lèvon Bakalian now introduces to the world LÈVON B, where you are able to B you, with the powers and energy of all the pieces you wear.

LÈVON B presents the majesty of fine detail.